Sandbox changes name to become Arkose

Sandbox started as a quick hack I wrote at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, FL back in October.

Since then it evolved quite a bit, getting a decent user interface and even a nautilus plugin.

Only thing that really was missing before making it an “official” project is a “real” name.
After thinking about it for a while (trust me, I’m really bad at finding names), I finally ended up browsing sand-related pages on Wikipedia and chose to go ahead with “Arkose”.

Arkose (pronounced /ˈɑrkoʊz/) is a detrital sedimentary rock, specifically a type of sandstone containing at least 25% feldspar.


I really liked “sandbox” as a name though, but it was a bit of a pain to Google for, apt-cache was returning multiple results too and finding relevant dent/tweet was a really difficult. So instead, I’ll mostly be using “Arkose – desktop sandboxing”. The name itself being a lot less common and “desktop sandboxing” is already giving very good Google results.

I finally created a Launchpad project and moved the branch to it. I’m expecting packages to hit the archive over the next few days.

PPA is available at:

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  1. ter says:

    thanks useful, i’ll try it 🙂

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