Projects I actively contribute to

  • Linux Containers: LXC, LXCFS, Distrobuilder, and the infrastructure around it as well as some side-projects like the demo service.
  • Ubuntu: The well known operating system.
  • Linux: The Linux kernel
  • Other smaller projects may be found on my Github page.

Projects I used to contribute to

  • pastebinit: Command line client for most pastebins
  • iTalc: intelligent Teaching and learning with computers – A tool to help teachers manage classrooms (overview, remote control, demo, …)
  • Ubuntu QA website: The Drupal module used for and a few other QA websites.
  • LTSP: Linux Terminal Server Project – Boot diskless machines as Linux terminals
  • Edubuntu: An Ubuntu flavor for use at school and at home.

Side projects/proof of concept code

  • drupal2wp: Python script to convert a Drupal blog to WordPress (both need to be on PostgreSQL)

Dead/deprecated projects

  • gbtsco: GUI to configure bluetooth headset (deprecated, replaced by the gnome sound configuration and bluez)
  • Mirrorkit: A python frontend for debmirror, using xml configuration file to easily describe mirrors and generating human readable html reports.
  • Arkose: Enhanced chroot for desktop applications (using kernel containers). Needs >= 2.6.36 and aufs support.
  • WebLive: Tool to create desktop VMs and offer remote desktop to multiple user using NX, X2go, Arkose/LXC and LTSP-Cluster.
  • LTSP-Cluster: Clustering for LTSP
  • Ideatorrent: The Drupal module behind

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