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2230599I’m Stéphane Graber. I’m probably mostly known as the LXC and LXD project leader, currently working as a technical lead for LXD at Canonical Ltd. from my home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I’m originally from Switzerland (Bevaix, NE) but have been living in Canada since August 2008. My mother tongue is French, second language is German and third language is English. However nowadays I tend to speak English the most, followed by French with the little I knew of German being mostly gone.

Ubuntu and upstream involvement

I’ve started using Linux in the early 2000s, initially jumping from a distro to another, eventually sticking on Debian and moving to that new cool stuff called Ubuntu with its first release (Warthy Warthog).
Since then, I’ve been involved a way or another in Ubuntu, initially doing some bug reporting, then getting involved in LTSP, Edubuntu as well as some QA work (Ubuntu ISO Tracker), eventually started doing packaging, becoming a MOTU (Master Of The Universe) and eventually an Ubuntu Core Developer.

After joining Canonical, I mostly focused on the Ubuntu networking stack, then moving on to work more on containers and other side projects like the over-the-air update system for the first Ubuntu phone.

Nowadays I mostly focus on containers and spend most of my time working on LXC or LXD upstream and then package them in Ubuntu.

I’m also involved in the governance of the Ubuntu project as a member of the Ubuntu Technical Board, Ubuntu Developer Membership Board and the Edubuntu Council. I also help reviewing new post-release packages as part of the Ubuntu Application Review Board and help with the Ubuntu release process as a member of the Ubuntu Release Team.

If you want to know more about me and how I’m involved in Ubuntu, my Launchpad page is probably a good starting point.


I’m a frequent speaker at Linux Foundation events such as LinuxCon North America, LinuxCon Europe and the Linux Collaboration Summit. I’m also involved in organizing the yearly Containers mini-conference as part of the larger Linux Plumbers Conference and have been organizing a similar day-long track at FOSDEM in the past too.

On top of those more or less regular speaking apparences I’m also attending a bunch of smaller, usually container-related events and am in general always interested to speak at new conferences.

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