Sandbox gets a GUI

Last Friday at work enjoying the fact that most of the US weren’t working, I spent a few hours working on my current pet project, sandbox.

Most of the code has now been moved from the C code to a shell script, keeping only what’s really needed in C.
I also added the possibility of directly starting a command in a container (once the command ends, the container is destroyed).

On top of that, I played a bit with Glade and pygtk to implement a basic GUI on top of Sandbox as shown below:
Sandbox GUI screenshot

This is still very basic but should be a lot more user friendly than having to start the tool from the command line.

Next on the TODO list is support for saving/restoring containers and some kind of nautilus integration (Right-Click => “Run in a container” would be sweet).

As always, the code can be found in a bzr branch:
bzr get lp:~stgraber/+junk/sandbox
Or from:

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