Edubuntu WebLive now features Edubuntu 11.04 daily builds

A bit over a week ago I announced Edubuntu WebLive, probably the easiest way to test Edubuntu from any computer (Linux, MacOS, Solaris and Windows) running Java.

Yesterday during the Edubuntu plenary at the Ubuntu Developer Summit I announced that you can now try the latest development release from WebLive.

weblive logo

Just go on our website and select “Edubuntu 11.04 (development release)”. Then try the all latest features, check if your bugs have been fixed or look for regressions. As with the production server, you have two hours to test it.

So far, close to 4000 users tried Edubuntu using WebLive!

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Project leader of Linux Containers, Linux hacker, Ubuntu core developer, conference organizer and speaker.
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