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As you may know, Edubuntu ships as a DVD.
While that’s a great thing because it gives us a lot of space for language packs, applications and content, it’s a bit of an issue for users who just want to try it out.

After thinking about it for a while and spending the weekend coding the infrastructure for it, I’m proud to announce the availability of Edubuntu Try it now!.

It’s basically a VM of the latest stable release running on some dedicated server where you can request a free test account.
The account will let you access the VM using NX for 2 hours.

A maximum of 10 users can connect at the same time. The VM cleaned up using the tools from LTSP-Cluster and reinstalled from scratch daily.

Future improvements include the availability of a Natty Narwhal VM as soon as it’s stable enough to be installed.

About Stéphane Graber

Project leader of Linux Containers, Linux hacker, Ubuntu core developer, conference organizer and speaker.
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4 Responses to Edubuntu live now available online !

  1. It’s actually very usable from Montreal 🙂 Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Very, very well done, Stefan!

  3. fandango says:

    thankyou so much stefan. works like a dream
    very impressive………this will be the first of many.

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