The new LTSP-Cluster website’s officially out

The LTSP-Cluster project is proud to announce that its website is now on-line.

LTSP-Cluster is a project to extend LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) with the required components for a large scale deployment. It makes it easy to deploy and manage thousands of thin clients connecting to a cluster of Linux or Windows application servers.


The LTSP-Cluster team works very closely with the main LTSP project so the required hooks are included directly in stock LTSP. On top of that, the required load-balancing components, various daemons and a web interface have been developped to add the clustering functionalities.

The LTSP-Cluster packages have been included in Ubuntu in the Karmic development cycle by Jonathan and have already been used for a few large LTSP deployments.

All of these components have been developed by Revolution Linux and integrated with the help of upstream LTSP developers. They are all freely available under a GPLv3+ license.

Existing LTSP users considering to extend their current setup and wanting an easier way to manage it should definitely have a look at it.

People looking for a way to migrate from desktops to a thin client solution for a large network, be that with a Linux desktop or Windows desktop should also check it out.

You can learn more on:

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3 Responses to The new LTSP-Cluster website’s officially out

  1. Also a thanks to you Stephane! You’re one of the best people I’ve ever worked with and it’s great to be able to work with someone and learn so much at the same time! Thanks again!

  2. AliGH says:

    Are Ltsp Cluster team alive ?

    1. More or less, I’m not involved with it anymore, but the folks at Revolution Linux still deploy it and maintain the code.

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