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Edubuntu’s installer ready for 11.04

After spending the last day or so working on it, I’m proud to announce that Edubuntu finally has its long awaited fine-grained package selection in Ubiquity.

Here’s a screenshot of what will be available in Natty:

Ubiquity fine-grained package selection

With it, users can easily opt out of some of our meta-packages or individual packages.
In the future you will also be able to install extra packages this way (that aren’t installed in the live environment but are present on the DVD).

Other than this installer change, Edubuntu has also been updated to ship with a classic gnome interface by default but offer Unity as an installation option. Unity-2d will also ship by default and we’ll try to have it as fall-back of Unity for these who choose to use Unity as their desktop interface.

Enjoy !

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