Schedule for the containers and kernel devrooms at FOSDEM 2024

It’s been a busy week for the organizers of both the containers and kernel devrooms at FOSDEM 2024!

We received just under 100 submissions in total which had to be individually reviewed and voted on by our team of 8 volunteers. Then came the usual fun of checking that all speakers can still come to FOSDEM and finally finding room on the schedule for the selected talks!

This year, FOSDEM switched platform from the old and dated Pentabarf over to Pretalx, while we obviously hit a number of odd edge cases and issues, the overall experience was a massive improvement. Voting and scheduling could all be done intuitively directly in the platform instead of having to rely on data export and spreadsheets!

And so, after a few days of voting and scheduling, I present to you the schedules for the containers and kernel devrooms at FOSDEM!

Containers (Saturday 3rd of February 2024)


Kernel (Sunday 4th of February 2024)


See you in Brussels!

Thanks to everyone who submitted talks to either of the devrooms and thanks to everyone who helped review and vote on those submissions!

I look forward to seeing you all in Brussels at the beginning of February!

About Stéphane Graber

Project leader of Linux Containers, Linux hacker, Ubuntu core developer, conference organizer and speaker.
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