More on WebLive and the Software Center integration

As Michael mentioned on Friday we now have a pretty well working WebLive integration directly in Natty’s software-center.

All you need is qtnx to be installed and an up to date Software Center.
Edubuntu 11.04 will ship with qtnx installed by default. We want to test the feature with all Edubuntu users first to see how it scales and make sure everything is stable before we consider using it for Ubuntu.

Now, quite a few people have been wondering what’s currently available on WebLive.
The complete package list is available here: (generated using the WebLive API)

It’s basically all the packages you can find in Edubuntu 10.10, Edubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu 11.04 as well as the top-30 from the Software Center.
So if you want a package to appear on WebLive, write a review in the Software-Center and rate it.

Edubuntu WebLive

I also would like to remember everyone that you can still get full desktop session by going at:

If you want to point a friend who doesn’t have the new software center to a single-app session, you can use: (by replacing gedit by anything that’s available on WebLive).

Enjoy !

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