First ARB-approved application available for Ubuntu 10.10

After months of reviewing the process and going through applications, the ARB approved its first application, Stefano Rivera’s suspended-sentence.

It’s now available in the Software Center for all Ubuntu 10.10 users who have the extra repository enabled.

Description: Point-and-click adventure game set on a space ship
You wake up to find yourself alone on a broken spaceship headed to a Penal Colony.
The ship seems to want you to fix it, but first you need to get out of the room.

It's an adventure game, you know how this works.
Suspended Sentence was a entry, a game written in a week.


We’re expecting quite a few more applications to show up on very soon. Hopefully the process should be a lot faster for the next few applications as we’ve now solved most issues and questions with that first one.

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7 Responses to First ARB-approved application available for Ubuntu 10.10

  1. Yay, and it’s from CTPUG too! You go Stefano & gang!

  2. shazzner says:

    I’m a bit of a noob, how do I enable the extras repository?

  3. ploum says:

    I want to report a bug against suspended sentence but cannot find the bug tracker.

    The bug is simple: shows the poster to JIM, shutdown JIM then show the poster again to JIM. It will wake up JIM (at least to the blinking state) without any further possibilities to complete the game. If you have a public repository, just send me an email, I would be happy to provide a patch myself.

    1. Oh, whoops, this is a known issue, and was fixed, but there have been no releases since. I didn’t realise the version we uploaded to Ubuntu had known issues.

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