Switched to wordpress (again)

So, after almost 3 years running Drupal 6 for my blog, I switched back to WordPress.

It just feels a lot easier to blog with it. I still really enjoy Drupal and use it for a lot of projects. It just wasn’t the best fit for my blog at this time.

My biggest issue with WordPress was its lack of official PostgreSQL support which was a bit of an issue as I’m avoiding MySQL as much as possible. After some poking at it, I actually managed to get PG4WP to work on a recent WordPress installation.

To make the transition as seamless as possible I also wrote a Python script which takes all Drupal “stories” and convert them into WordPress “posts”. It also handles categories and comments (including threading). It’s a bit hackish and could certainly be made a lot faster by reducing the number of queries.
Code can be found on Launchpad here: drupal2wordpress

So now, everything is imported in an all new WordPress instance, URLs should be mostly compatible. Now, back to blogging!

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