Announcing Mirrorkit – frontend to debmirror and possibly other mirroring softwares

After deploying it at a couple of customers at Revolution Linux I thought it’d be a good idea to finally release it publicly.

So here it’s, Mirrorkit now has it’s Launchpad project setup and Michael Jeanson is now working on getting it packaged for Karmic.

So what’s it exactly ? Mirrorkit is a simple frontend to debmirror with a user-friendly (I hope) configuration file helping you create your own Ubuntu/Debian mirror.

It’s a python script that basically takes an xml file as input describing both general and per-mirror configuration including proxy, help pages for the user, log output as html files and user-readable (I hope) definition of the mirrors.
When run (usually from a cron job) it’ll parse the .xml file and generate the debmirror (or in the future other mirroring softwares) command line, run it, parse the output and generate a report as an html page.

Today, I’ve released version 0.1 that can be downloaded here:
An example of its output can be found here:
And its commented configuration file here:

I’ve been running it for over a year now in my previous school and it’s working like a charm (thanks to debmirror mainly).

Suggestions and bugs can be reported on Launchpad, here:
Code (GPLv2+) can be found here:

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  1. Jeandre Le Roux says: now redirects to porn, FYI

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve removed the link.

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