Pastebinit update, translation needed

For a long time now people have been poking me on IRC/mail/IM to get an updated pastebinit released.
The pastebinit currently in Ubuntu shows some bug (piping data often fails), doesn’t support most of the newest pastebins and isn’t translated in more than 2 or 3 languages.

I fixed most of these bugs thanks to all the patches attached to the bug reports, I now just need to update the manpage with the new supported pastebins. But before I release version 0.11, I’d like to get as many supported languages as possible.

So if you like translating and want pastebinit to speak your language, all you need is a Launchpad account and go to: to translate it.
I’ll then export the .po from Launchpad and include them before releasing 0.11


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