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Pastebinit 0.11 is out

It’s been a long time since pastebinit 0.10 was released.
Some people have been asking me when I planned to finally release 0.11, fixing most of the reported bugs, getting it properly translated and add more pastebins.

Well, it’s now done, these last weeks I’ve been integrating all the proposed patches on Launchpad, had some help updating the manpage, updated the translations and finally tagged 0.11.

For those of you who don’t know what pastebinit is, it’s a small python script that simply sends whatever you give it to an online pastebin and gives you the URL in return. It’s useful when doing IRC support (when you don’t want one to paste a 200 lines log) or when working on a command line box with no way to SSH in it.

So a quick changelog. There actually is nothing new in pastebinit itself, only a minor change that some of you may find annoying is that you now always have to use the “-i” parameter. This one can either be “-” for stdin or be a filename. This had to be done to fix some issues with reading from stdin.
All bugs reported on Launchpad have been closed (most of them being about adding new pastebins) the result being:
– 13 supported pastebins
– 13 complete translations
– 9 partial translations

I updated the Launchpad project page and added the new release to the download page. You can also download it directly from the usual place.

For the next release, I plan to improve the way pastebins are handled, at least by moving the different pastebin definition to an xml file for each pastebin (containing the list of URLs and html fields) or if I find the time, having something more clever handling the different pastebin engines and guessing what fields to fill with what value depending on the index page of the URL the user entered.

Until then, feedback is as always welcome and bugs can be filed on Launchpad.

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Pastebinit update, translation needed

For a long time now people have been poking me on IRC/mail/IM to get an updated pastebinit released.
The pastebinit currently in Ubuntu shows some bug (piping data often fails), doesn’t support most of the newest pastebins and isn’t translated in more than 2 or 3 languages.

I fixed most of these bugs thanks to all the patches attached to the bug reports, I now just need to update the manpage with the new supported pastebins. But before I release version 0.11, I’d like to get as many supported languages as possible.

So if you like translating and want pastebinit to speak your language, all you need is a Launchpad account and go to: to translate it.
I’ll then export the .po from Launchpad and include them before releasing 0.11


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