Feedback on iTalc in Intrepid

Intrepid’s release is approaching pretty fast now.
I have (indirectly :), thanks Oliver) uploaded iTalc 1.0.9 to Intrepid’s main repository in late July and got so far no new bugs on Launchpad.
I know some of you are using it and while I consider the current upstream code and packaging to be quite good, I really doubt we have a bugfree release there 🙂

Can you, user of italc, please give me some feedback on the problems you currently are observing with the latest version ?
To report your bugs, is the place.

To learn more about iTalc and the various ways of installing it, you can read: (work in progress)

And if you want to help testing iTalc but don’t want to upgrade to Intrepid, you can try the packages from our PPA:

The main difference from what’s currently in Hardy and what we have in Intrepid is avahi support meaning your computers should now automatically appear in iTalc as long as the keys in /etc/italc/ are the same.

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