Pastebinit now in Debian

Thanks to Rolf Leggewie, Pastebinit 0.10 is now in Debian (unstable and testing) and has been synced in Intrepid.
I can now use the time I previously spent on packaging Pastebinit (not that much …) to actually work on it and add new pastebins.

For those of you who don’t know what Pastebinit is, here is the description taken from the Debian package :

pastebinit is a command-line tool to send data to a “pastebin”: a web site which allows its users to upload snippets of text for public viewing.

It can receive data from a pipe or from a file passed as argument.
It supports these pastebins:

  • http://*
  • http://*
  • http://*

It’s a very useful tool on servers and I also use it a lot with thin clients to easily submit debugging informations.
Examples could be:
– pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
– ps aux | pastebinit –
– free | pastebinit -b –

Bugs can be reported on Launchpad

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29 Responses to Pastebinit now in Debian

  1. Jonas says:

    Since it’s scheduled to be available in Intrepid, any chance of it being made available in the hardy-backports?

    I could compile it myself to be sure, but I’m one of those silly buggers that prefers precompiled packages whenever possible.

    1. stgraber says:

      As it’s a python script, you don’t need to recompile it to work on your computer.
      You can simply download the package from Debian or Ubuntu and install it on Hardy. It’ll work without any problem as nothing depends on a package version existing only in Intrepid and as it’s not binary, it’s not library-dependent either.

  2. It would be exceptional if it could support paste2 — 🙂
    It’s the fastest of them all.

    1. stgraber says:

      Done in rev 45

  3. Mez says:

    So happy my patch got accepted – I can now use my pastebin of choice!

  4. Pici says:

    I have to say thanks for creating such a great tool. We get a lot of use out if it in #ubuntu, it makes asking for information so much easier.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So after reading the article, i issue a `apt-cache search pastebin` in my ubuntu box to find that:

    – There is a program called upstreamdev (with canoe-gnome and kayak-kde frontends) that writes log files to a pastebin server and/or a bugtracker

    – Pida, the python IDE, supports pastebin

    – Webboard, a mix of knotes with pastebin support for collaborative edition of sourcecode and debug that even has a gnome-panel integration

    – pastebininit 0.9 is included in universe/misc (ie. lives in the universe repositories). If you a) use ubuntu b) do not want to compile and c) do not want to install intrepid/a intrepid package right now THEN use this package.

    1. stgraber says:

      If I recall correctly at the time I started working on Pastebinit, the only existing one was webboard and it was a GUI tool. The goal of pastebinit is to have a comand line tool not depending on any GUI lib or package.

      Pastebinit 0.9 is in Hardy’s universe (I’m the one who uploaded it), I just wanted to say that 0.10 is now out (as I’m upstream) and that Debian is now handling the packaging. You don’t need to compile a Python software (so b) doesn’t apply) and as it doesn’t contain any binary part you can install any pastebinit package without any problem.

  6. coz says:

    I like using this for certain things , it is fast and convenient, however.. when we do support for compiz fusion we often need the terminal read out of certain commands…ex lspci | grep -i vga.
    I cannot get this to go to pastebin. I know it must me my interpretation of the arguments.
    i have tried lspci | grep -i vga | pastebinit
    that ^^ gives me only a list of arguments
    pastebinit lspci | grep -i vga gives me ” cannot read from lspci.
    Am i misunderstanding the functionality of pastebinit? is it strictly for reading only onboard text files… pa ax | grep compiz | pastebinit << works... or am I not understanding the arguments? 🙂 the latter seems more likely 🙂 coz

    1. stgraber says:


      I have recently fixed some problems with pipes, you should try the current version from bzr.

  7. BUGabundo says:

    hi there.
    If u wish i may report it on LP.
    the pastebinit MAN page doenst show the -j option, while the cli help does.

    Also i was unable to make that work.

    Thanks so much for this nice tool.

    1. stgraber says:

      Hi, feel free to report it on Launchpad so I don’t forget about it next time I update the code.

  8. BUGabundo says:

    bu the way, whats the best way of auto-updating from trunk?

    i just jumped from the 0.9 on my system to trunk, and would like to be it up to date.

    would it be possible to have it on a PPA?

    1. stgraber says:

      Easiest is just to get the pastebinit file from the bzr branch.

      A PPA would of course be a possible way to provide updates but we usually tend to just upload a new release to Debian and Ubuntu when we consider the code stable. I don’t like the idea to publish testing packages (as in code we know may break).

  9. Luca Bruno says:

    I’d like very much if it could support

  10. Toaster says:

    First, sorry for my bad English, I’m German^^
    I really love this project, and would like to help, if there is any way to do so, you can mail me.
    My favorite pastebin is and because it wasn’t added yet, i did it on my own

    elif website == "" :
    params['style']="pastie" #the color format, i like this one best
    params['lexer']="guess_lexer" #This is for auto guessing the lang, use "TextLexer" for plain text

  11. sorry for my bad english, my native language is germany.

    Is it possible to save my defaults (for instance, my favorite paste-site, my name) in a configuration file (maybe in ~/.pastebinit) to reduce the effort?

    Regards, Andreas

  12. I have found the .pastebinit.xml, but i can’t found it in the docs, only in the source. I think, it should be described in the docs, or?

    Regards, Andreas

    1. stgraber says:

      You are right, this should be documented. I’ll think of doing so for the next release.


  13. tekknokrat says:

    this cmd does not work for me, whats wrong with?

    pastebinit -i /tmp/mpd.trace -b -a tekknokrat -f C++

    also is this an error in the manpages of ubuntu package?

    Required arguments
    -f [filename] (or piped data)

    imo should be:

    Required arguments
    -i [filename] (or piped data)

    thanks for your efforts

    1. stgraber says:

      stgraber@castiana:~$ pastebinit -i virtual-ltsp -b -a test -f cpp

      I guess your main issue was the format, for “cpp” is for C++
      For the manpage, I’ll update the manpage soon and fix this one, thanks.

  14. jpinx says:

    I’d like to know what the requirements are for the website that can be used. Then I’ll make my own.
    Thanks for a truly brilliant yet simple tool.


    1. stgraber says:

      Currently, you need your different html fields to be added in a section of the code of pastebinit.
      I plan to work on detecting pastebin engines in the future so you won’t have to ask for your website to be added to pastebinit. As long as you’ll use the same fields as the other engines it’ll work.

  15. boediger says:

    I could compile it myself to be sure, but I’m one of those silly buggers that prefers precompiled packages whenever possible.


  16. Gertrus says:

    Hi, I would like a list of all the formats available. Reply here, I will get notified.

    1. stgraber says:

      Formats directly depend on these supported by the chosen pastebin, the easiest is to go on the website and check what are the supported formats there.

  17. jimmy says:

    I have to say thanks for creating such a great tool..

  18. Billy says:

    is this on a public git repo somewhere?

    1. Pastebinit hasn’t seen active development in years, its code is still in bzr:

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