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Edubuntu gets a new installer


One of our goals for the Maverick development was to enhance our installation process.

Previously in 10.04 we introduced a way to test LTSP straight from the Live DVD and then install it or the Netbook-Edition interface at the end of the install.

It worked great but we then received reports from users telling us they didn’t see a way to install either LTSP or the Netbook interface during the install.

That was because we didn’t have the time to properly integrate it in Ubiquity (Ubuntu’s graphical installer), so you had to click on two icons on the Live desktop at the end of the install.

I’m very pleased to say that this time is over and that starting with today’s daily build, we probably have the easiest way to install LTSP or the Unity interface ever!

Here’s what it currently looks like:


So all you need to do now is to tick one or two tickboxes and wait for your system to install. After reboot you’ll have your Unity environment or LTSP or both !

That change was basically the last thing left on our Maverick roadmap, so we now have an updated installer slideshow, that additional installer step, a cleaned up look&feel and a few additional packages. We just need more testing and we’ll be ready for 10/10/10.

You can get that daily build here:

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