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Ubuntu Desktop in the Cloud, now working with Lucid

Just a few minutes ago, I noticed an update to the Desktop in the cloud blueprint on Launchpad.

It basically said that images available at now contain a NX server (neatx).

I did a quick test on EC2:

  • Create a new instance: ec2-run-instances ami-0a749663 –instance-type m1.large –region us-east-1 –key ${EC2_KEYPAIR_US_EAST_1}
  • Waited for it to start, watching with: ec2-describe-instances
  • Got the public IP and connected using ssh: ssh -i data/ec2/ec2-keypair.pem ubuntu@[some EC2 ip]
  • Created a new user with: sudo adduser test
  • Connected using a NX client (qtnx or the binary one)
  • Destroyed the test instance: ec2-terminate-instances

That was extremely easy and got me a working NX session showing a regular Ubuntu desktop. Thanks to everyone who made that happen !!

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