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Going to the Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal (May 6-9)

From Wednesday the 6th of May to Saturday the 9th I’ll be attending Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal

LGM 2009 logo

LGM 2009 is the fourth annual worldwide meeting of teams developing open source graphics applications.
Developers from projects like Scribus, Krita, Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, … will be there for hacking and discussing.

Working mainly on LTSP and LTSP-Cluster at Revolution Linux, I’ve proposed two talks (they’re yet to be accepted), the first (with Benoit St-André) on “LTSP and graphics applications” and the second on “Keeping in touch with Ubuntu”.

I hope it’ll be a good opportunity to discuss the use of graphic softwares in schools with technologies like LTSP and NX, what should be improved to make them more remote-X friendly and also more friendly for our users.

I also hope to have more people to know how Ubuntu is working so that they can use the different resources available and know how to best integrate with the way Ubuntu is developed.

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